The mission of Future Leaders Today is to provide first-year high school students with the training and mentorship to better connect and engage with their high schools and communities, and to encourage each student to consider becoming servant leaders in the future.

The mission of Future Leaders Today is the pursuit of the following principles:

  • Grades and Involvement: An individual’s college and career opportunities increase as their grades and involvement in school programs and clubs increase.

  • Servant Leadership: The effective leaders of the future will be focused on the success of those they both oversee and work with. 

  • Honesty and Integrity: A foundation of honesty, integrity and trust are at the root of any effective relationship, no matter the age.

  • Relationships: Simply put, life is about relationships. FLT seeks to help empower and encourage youth to see “beyond themselves.”  Students should be provided with a resource to develop constructive, connective relationships within their school and community (clubs, with fellow students, school administration, local business leaders, etc.), which will ultimately be essential to their success.

Future Leaders Today (FLT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit serving high schools in the Southeastern PA area.