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Every high school typically has one faculty member who is the "College and Career" or "College Planning" staffer responsible for educating all the students on the process for preparing for and applying to colleges. However, many students never attend any of these general information sessions on College prep, and this is especially true for First Gen family members (contemplating and/or applying to college for the first time in their family). 

LIFE CHANGER is FLT's new two-year intensive program which provides 1:1 support for one First Gen student starting in the Spring of their Sophomore high school year and taking them through the college application and admittance process.  

We are the personalized and supportive team that surrounds the First Gen student and:

  • Introduces the student and/or their family to the FLT College Roadmap Program

  • Meets monthly and works in collaboration with the student, student's guidance counselor and College/Career personnel

  • Assists student in identifying colleges

  • Takes student on college tours

  • Assists student during college application process

  • Assists student with FAFSA application process

Meet Harlee Licwinko 
LIFE CHANGER Program graduate, 2021-202. Harlee was a sophomore in high school in 2021 when Future Leaders Today introduced her to the College Roadmap. A 3.8 GPA student at the time, while torn, Harlee had planned to graduate from high school and go back to working at a local diner like previous generations in her family. She didn't know how to navigate the college application process, but she knew that ideally, she would prefer to attend college. Two years later, Harlee applied, was accepted and will be majoring in Math and Business at Elizabethtown College in the fall of 2023 (the recipient of the school's academic Presidential Merit Scholarship).

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Life Changer 2021 senior student Harlee from Springford High School with Life Changer 2023 sophomore student Jabriyah from Phoenixville Area High School

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