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Beginning in the Fall of 2023, Future Leaders Today will be introducing monthly online webinars for families of freshman (1st year) or sophomore (2nd year) students from around the country. Created and designed by a parent who has absorbed the entire College preparation and planning process and has already guided many students through the process,  the COLLEGE ROADMAP condenses a multi-billion-dollar industry and process into a succinct and clear 90-minute webinar that EDUCATES and NAVIGATES those who attend to a program. An added dimension to the webinar is the promise that guarantees each student who follows the COLLEGE ROADMAP may save at least $10,000 in college costs and possibly allow the student to graduate in less than four years.

The webinar educates students and parents on:


  1. Heart to Heart - College or Trade or Apprenticeship 

  2. Program for each student can complete College Credits before attending College 

  3. Understanding Private versus Public Colleges 

  4. College Website Searches 

    1. Admissions 

      1. GPA and SAT scores 

      2. Programs of Study 

    2. Tuition and Room and Board 

    3. Scholarships 

    4. AP Credit Policy 

    5. Dual Enrollment Policy 

  5. What Colleges are looking for when applying

  6. Scholarships 

  7. Grants 

  8. 529 Plans 

  9. Student Loans 

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